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More About Me

Consider: The Steve (Homo sapiens)

My name is Stephen Goralski, and I’m proud to be a biologist. I was born and raised in Maryland, USA, a state filled with beautiful wilderness and copious scientific research. Some of the greatest centers of biological learning in the world can be found in my home state, from Johns Hopkins University to the headquarters of the National Institute of Health. We have the National Aquarium, one of the greatest aquariums in the world, and the Smithsonian nearby in Washington D.C. In short, there was no better place for a person like me to be born.
I attended Mount St. Joseph’s High School in Baltimore, then went on to study at University of Maryland Baltimore County (of March Madness fame). I graduated from UMBC with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, minoring in Creative Writing, then the next year received a Master’s degree in Applied Molecular Biology. I currently work at a small biotechnology company in Baltimore, where I develop drugs for the treatment of autoimmune diseases. While my day-to-day work involves medical research and drug development, my upbringing and academic training have imbued in me a strong love for animal biology, thus why I decided to write this blog.

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