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Consider Art I: 2022

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone is having a pleasant holiday season and has recovered from blacking out from Thanksgiving gravy poisoning. This holiday season, I’d like to introduce a new tradition at Consider Nature. As you may know, Consider Nature is dedicated to shining a spotlight on some of the animal kingdom’s most underrated members, animals who get overlooked despite being fucking awesome. To help highlight the beauty of these funky little guys, I would like to introduce the first Consider Art Competition.

For Consider Art, artists are asked to create pieces depicting or inspired by an animal covered in the Consider Nature blog. For those who are not familiar with the blog, I have written articles on the following animals:

Submissions will be judged based on their originality, quality, successful depiction of the animal, and whether or not the judges of the competition and I subjectively like it. All submissions are due JANUARY 6TH! Please check the submission guidelines below before entering your piece, as there is a specific process for entering a piece of art in this competition.


Here at Consider Nature, we are aware that exposure doesn't do a very good job of putting food on an artist's table. So, the top three art pieces submitted for the competition will receive prizes (they aren't going to be big prizes because I don't do this for money, but I'll do my best). The winning artists may choose to receive their prize as an Amazon or Etsy gift card (depending on how much they hate Jeff Bezos).

  1. First place will receive a $50 Amazon or Etsy gift card.

  2. Second place will receive a $25 Amazon or Etsy gift card.

  3. Third place will receive a $10 Amazon or Etsy gift card.

All winning pieces will also be posted on the Consider Nature blog as well as on our social media (with full credit to the artists and links to their social media). Honorable mentions may also be awarded as part of this competition, depending on how many entries there are. These pieces will not receive a cash prize.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Any kind of art will be accepted for this competition. Keep in mind that if you make a physical drawing, painting, or sculpture, you will need to photograph or scan it to submit.

  2. All submissions must be entered by January 5th, 2023. No entries will be considered after this time!

  3. Please submit your piece as PDF, JPEG, or other common image file type. Pieces that cannot be opened by the judges on an average computer will not be considered.

  4. To enter your piece into the competition, complete the following steps:

    1. Email your submission to

    2. Post your submission on Instagram or Tumblr, using the hashtag #considerart2022.

    3. When you post your piece, please provide a link to the Consider Nature article that corresponds to the animal represented in your piece. This will help other people find and enjoy Consider Nature.

    4. Please make sure that you follow these submission guidelines, as improperly-submitted pieces may not be considered.


  1. Work submitted for this competition must be the artist's own original work.

  2. Art made using AI tools such as DALL-E or Nightcafe will not be considered for this competition.

  3. Pieces submitted must represent one of the animals covered in Consider Nature blogs.

  4. An artist may submit up to two pieces for this competition, but only one piece per artist can be awarded a prize (ie an individual artist can't win both first and second, etc).

  5. Consider Nature has the right to reproduce pieces submitted for this competition on social media or on the Consider Nature website for the purpose of promoting the artist’s work or the Consider Nature blog. To be clear, pieces submitted for this competition will never be merchandised in any way without the artist’s express permission (and artists will be compensated).

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